ZMF Aeolus

13,000.00 kr

ZMF Aeolus har ett varmt och klart ljud som ibland kallas för “the ZMF House Sound”. Aelous är öppen version av Atticus.

Frekvensomfång: 10 – 25 000 Hz
Impedans: 300 Ohm
Känslighet: 99 dB/mW
Vikt: 445 g.
Träslag: Sapele

”This was a very tough category. It could have gone to models from MrSpeakers, Meze, Focal, or any number of manufacturers. In the end, Chicago took it. ZMF’s Zach Mehrbach makes outstanding headphones, and we think his best model is the new Aeolus. Unpronounceable the name may be, but the headphones are astounding. You get extraordinary open-back sound that combines realism and lively energy, with a huge soundstage. They beat other open-back cans, like the AUDEZE LCD2Cs, quite easily.”
//The Masterswitch: ”Best High-End Headphones at 2019”

”The design of the Aeolus is deeply human, with fantastic wooden cups. Although the headphones need a reasonable amp to drive, at 300 ohms of impedance, you’ll get some truly magnificent results if you do.
While some designers have unique traits that help them find their place in the niche market of enthusiast headphone buyers, Zach’s ear for listening spans not only his audio monitoring capabilities but also his receptiveness to the community. He is building a growing company on his loyal base of notoriously finicky consumers (I do include myself in this finicky-ness).

The diversity of enthusiast directions he employs is evidence of a greater understanding that some bigger, more committee-based decision making might overlook. His sound reflects some of that same approach as well. There is vision and intent that runs along the product lines. Diversity within appropriately placed boundaries. The result is robust textures, well tiered quality and highly engaging listening sessions.”
//Audio Head (Februari 2019)

”While Vérité does put a bit of its own signature on the music, after extended listening sessions I felt like it was definitely a worthy one, as it is both exciting and won’t tire you out. This is a headphone you can really crank up and rock out to, or dial in a nice medium volume and listen to it for hours on end. As listening companions go, it’s hard to get much better.”,
// Enjoy the Music (December 2018)

Beställningsvara. Beräknad leveranstid 4-6 veckor.

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