Vivi Vassileva – Singin’ rhythm

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Label: Alpha Records
Instrumental /Percussion

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Over the past five years, pianist Anna Vinnitskaya has made three Alpha recordings dedicated to Shostakovitch, Brahms et Rachmaninov.
Evgeni Koroliov is a great master of the piano, a great Bach specialist, whose recordings of Bach are an acclaimed benchmark. His piano duo with his wife, Ljupka Hadzi-Georgieva, has made its mark over the past few years in all the major international concert venues.
Also as a highly reputed teacher, Koroliov was Anna Vinnitskaya’s professor at Hamburg. ‘Though I no longer study with him i still meet and talk with him several times a week,’ she confides. ‘That helps me further in my development, not just as a pianist but as a human being… Now that I am myself a professor at the same university, I try to carry it on, to pass his experience on to others.’
These three Slavonic pianists, who for some time have been aiming to record the Bach concertos as a team, decided to invite a German ensemble that is itself highly expert in Bach interpretation, the Potsdam Chamber Orchestra; they recorded this double album in a legendary venue where some of the greatest artists have recorded: the Jesus-Christus-Kirche in Berlin.


1. Espel: Zamba para escuchar tu silencio
2. Sammut: Sailing for Phil
(Daniel Martinez, Maxime Pidoux, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Maruan Sakas, Vivi Vassileva)
3. Pereira, M: Bate-coxa
(Lucas Campara Diniz, Vivi Vassileva)
4. Dinicu: Hora Staccato
(Lucas Campara Diniz, Vivi Vassileva)
5. Cruixent: Marimba Moksha, Op. 46
6. Abe, Keiko: Variations on Dowland’s Lachrimae Pavane
7. Vassileva: Kalino Mome
8. Vivi Vassileva + Lucas Campara Diniz: Pipero Mistuardo
(Daniel Martinez, Lucas Campara Diniz, Maxime Pidoux, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Maruan Sakas, Vivi Vassileva)
9. Cruixent: El Parío, Op. 47
(Daniel Martinez, Maxime Pidoux, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Maruan Sakas, Vivi Vassileva)