Rega Fono MC

3,800.00 kr


This is an exceptionally high quality MC phono stage designed to maximise the potential of any MC cartridge to compliment the latest Rega range of moving coils. You will find full adjustability for loading is available via dip switches conveniently placed on the rear panel. Two different gain settings are located on the back panel as well, making the Fono MC compatible with most low output MC cartridges.



Output impedance: 200 Ohm
Recommended minimum output load resistance: 5 K
Frequency response (50 kOhm output load): 13 Hz (-3 dB) to 100 KHz (-0.3dB)
RIAA accuracy (50 kOhm output load): Better than +/- 0.2 dB 100 Hz to 100 kHz
Power requirements: 24V AC at 150 mA maximum. Only to be used with Rega PS1!

Input sensitivity (for 200 mV output)
4 off: 133 uV / 4 on: 67 uV
Input loading resistance
1 and 2 off: 400 Ohm
1 on: 100 Ohm
2 on:  150 Ohm
1 and 2 on: 70 Ohm
Input loading capacitance
3 off: 1000 pF
3 on: 4300 pF
4 off: 63.5 dB
4 on: 69.5 dB
Maximum input level (at 1 KHz)
4 off: 6.7 mV
4 on: 3.4 mV
Load settings for adjustable MC stages
Impedance: 100 Ohm
Capacitance: 1000 Ohm
Gain setting: High (’On’ position for Rega phono stages)
Fono MC switches settings: are already factory set at Rega for Rega MC models.