Pylon Jasper 25: top of the line!

54,990.00 kr59,990.00 kr

”Ofattbart att ett så storslaget ljud kan ligga på den här prisnivån!”

”The speakers design are carefully selected, not only in terms of technical parameters but also in a series of subjective tests. The profiled front wall of the enclosure is designed not only to increase the aesthetic experience and visual lightness of the structure, but also to align the acoustic centre in the most sensitive mid-high section”.
// Pylon Audio


4 Ohm
89 dB
35 Hz – 20 000 Hz
Diskant: Pylon Audio PST T-120.6 (modulerad Seas 27TDC)
Mid/BAS: 2 x Pylon Audio PSW 17.8 CJA
185 x 1000 x 320 mm
30 kg

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