Line Magnetic LM-805iA

49,990.00 kr

2 x 48 W

KÖP 49990,00 SEK

”Line Magnetic 805iA is a lead-heavy, glowing hot tube amplifier with few inputs, which must be heated before it performs at its best. But then it plays the braid of most of what we have heard in the price range. It has astonishingly explosive dynamics – especially in the bass – and just so much warmth in the sound, that the balance does not tip over into the parody. It kills some prejudices, and appears as an exciting alternative to the more established manufacturers’ amplifiers in the corresponding price range.”
// I&B Techreviews

Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring and the bias control is accessible on top of the amplifier panel with true ampere meter. A Specially designed EI transformer for power supply and Two EI output transformers with wide bandwidth are applied. SoftStart- and time-delay circuit. (wait in 30 seconds before use).

ALPS volume control and
Realcap capacitors
Mundorf N-Capaxitors
4 / 8 / 16 Ohm
2x48W RMS
THD: 1%
Signal/Noise ratio: 87dB
Sensitivity: 300 mV (Built-in Mode)
10 – 50.000 Hz (-1.5 dB)
Input: 1x 6SL7, 2x 6SN7
Output: 2x 300B
Power: 2x 805 « single-ended »

430 x 275 x 415 mm
42 Kg
Metal and removable tube guard cage
Infrared Remote control
A pair of Fuses, Remote control, Detachable power cord, Manual

Tubes Basics and common Replacements:
300B –>600B, 300A, 4300B
6SL7 –>6N9P, 6H9C, CV1985, ECC35
6SN7 –>6H8C, 6N8P, 5692, CV181, ECC33
805    –>805, FU-5