ifi Audio: xDSD: portable DAC / headphone-amp

4,990.00 kr

Whether you are listening via headphones on the bus or via your system on the sofa, the award-winning xDSD makes your music sound better. Listen on your favour music in Hi Rez streaming straight out of the box. xBass+® cleans and restores the bass to give you a richer, deeper sound and 3D+® opens up your music to bring a live-concert atmosphere into your living room.
The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means file formats remain unchanged.

Burr-Brown DSD1793
CPU AMR Global Master Timing (GMT) femto processing crystal clock, re-clocking
Impedance Direct: < 1 Ohm
Impedance in ears: < 4 Ohm
Dynamic: > 113dB
T.H.D: < 0.005%
Line-out Direct (Green display ): > 2.1 V
Line-out in ears (Blue display):
> 2.82 V/500 mW 16 Ohm
> 3.7 V/270 mW 50 Ohm
> 3.8 V/48 mW 300 Ohm
> 3.8 V/24 mW 600 Ohm
Line-in: S/PDIF input (3,5 mm adapter included) and USB-A, micro-USB for charging (6 – 8 hours)

PCM768 / 2xDXD / DSD512 MQA (DoP / native)
Bluetooth® aptX™ / AAC™
XMOS USB by ifi audio zero-jitter technology
Filter switch: Listen / Measure
95 (D) x67 (V) x19 (H) mm
127 g