ifi Audio ZEN Phono

1,690.00 kr

Do not let the price fool you!

The intelligent sub-sonic filter is from the iPhono range and is quite special. Normal sub-sonic filters remove ‘rumble’ AND bass and cause phase issues. Our unique AI phono sub-sonic filter‘rumble’ only. With MM/MC, high/low and very low, the ZEN Phono is able to handle just about any cartridge. From 36dB all the way up to 72dB. So as your vinyl system grows over time, the ZEN Phono will always keep up.
To obtain maximal quality prestanda we recommend iPowerX.


OP-amp: OVA2637
RIAA EQ tolerance level (+/- 0.15dB)
Gain: 36dB MM
S/N: 151dBV
48dB high-output MC
60dB low-output MC
72dB extra low output MC