Hifiman DEVA (bluetooth, HDMI, 3,5 plug)

4,290.00 kr

USB 24/192 mHz

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”The Hifiman Deva is indeed a very good sounding headphone. Wired or wireless, you get a very coherent and audiophile-grade sound which is mid forward. Other then the forward mids, the presentation is mostly flat and neutral with good resolution and transparency. The headphone has a very like-able and easy going sound signature, which I’m sure will please many people who look for this kind of an all in one solution.”

18 Ohm
93.5 dB
3.5 mm kontakt med 6,3 mm adapter
Bluemini USB-DAC/Amp 24/192 mHz
40 gram
Finns i HiFi-rummet, Örebro