Gold Note Pianossa + Donatello pickup

40,990.00 kr47,990.00 kr

The Pianosa turntable’s charm operates through its harmonious look and its extremely well-balanced sound. Equilibrium is what distinguishes this exceptional product expressing itself by handcraft quality and technical high-class audio performance.

Wow & Flutter: 0,1 %
Rumble: -77 dB
Transmission: 70 shores rectified NBR belt
Platter: 23 mm Dampened Poly-Vinyl ball bearing
Platter spindle: Split-Spindle™ clamping design
Platter bearing: Chromed Steel
Tonearm: Gold Note B-5.1
425 x 200 x  360 mm
13,5 Kg

Two Donatello MC Pickups:
GOLD (low 0.5 mV, 40 Ohm )/ RED (high 1.8 mV, 140 Ohm):
Sugested load: 470 Ohm / 47 kOhm
Suggested tracking weight: 1.8 g to 2.1 g
Aluminum built cantilever with a samarium-cobalt magnet and a micro elliptical diamond

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Donatello Gold, Donatello Red

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