Bellari HA540 MkII

3,490.00 kr


”The new HA540 MK2 no head-amp has impressed us more than the Bellari HA540. It is an honest and true headphone amplifier. While it is not inexpensive by most standards it is truly an audio bargain for its build and sound quality. It has the lowest amount of ear fatigue of any headphone amp we have heard at any price! Listen, and you will probably have one!”

Rör: 12AX7
Input impedance: 47 kOhm
Output headphone impedance :  8 – 2000 Ohm
Max output gain: 19.6 dB
THD: 0.04%
S/N: >80 dB
Max output: 332 mW
6 – 51 000 Hz
Crosstalk: – 7
1 st. single ended RCA
1 st. 3,5 mm tele (stereo)
Line out:
1 st. 6,35 mm tele (stereo)
1 st. 3,5 mm tele (stereo)
OBS! Never, ever use a mono-plug. It will damage the amplifier!
Plugga aldrig in en mono-teleplugg i telehonan. Då förstörs förstärkaren.
Adapter 15 V DC / 500 mA.
I recommend a better typ of AC-adapter:
Exempel 1: ifi iPowerX 15V
Exempel 2: ifi iPower Elite 15V

15, 24 x 63,5 x 137,16 mm
0,9 Kg