Tonar Ackurate cartridge wave

395.00 kr

A electronic precision tool that make the cartridge /tonearm installation fast as a blink in an eye.

0 – 5 g.
Precision: +/- 0,01 g.
A pair of batteries .
5 g. weight.
Leather case.


1. After batteries supplied in place (AG12 will appear), press Let the fingertip still until the Zero symbol appears on the display.
Check that the ’g’ (grams) is to find in the upper corner. Otherwise: press the ’M’ -key until the ’g’ symbol appear.
Now, press the finger on
and do not release until the  singel ”0” (zero) appear on the display.
Soon, the ’5,00’ blink ends.
NOW: put the 5 grams weight on the dot. The (5,00) will appear. Well done!

Put Tonar on the empty turntable plate. When you carefully* put the cartridge on the spot, you soon will find out the accurate weight with ease.
The azimuth issue: Turn the azimuth adjustment to same value as the weight.
Otherwise: When you have turned on a record, take a look at the cartridge. If it leans a bit, just change the azimuth and look again until the cartridge stands in vertical position.

*I will guess it’s truly expensive…